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Semaglutide & Tirzepatide

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All of our weight loss programs are tailored according to your body needs and include the following:

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Weightox with semaglutide has been a revelation! The pounds melted away effortlessly, and my energy soared. I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. This product has truly transformed my weight loss journey, making it a breeze and bringing back my confidence! HUGE Thanks to their team of doctors and nutritionists for helping me achieve this

– Sarah Thompson from Texas

Weightox turned my weight loss journey into a triumph! Their weekly diet plan along with semaglutide helped me lose 17 pounds and I am only into my Week 6. The transformation was remarkable, and my confidence skyrocketed. A heartfelt thank you to Weightox for making this incredible difference!

– Taylor Anderson from New Jersey

Weightox with tirzepatide – the VIP pass to weight loss success! It wasn’t just about shedding pounds; it was about gaining a new lease on life with a huge support from their team, doctor and the nutritionist. This product is a game-changer for anyone on a weight loss journey!

– Megan Mitchell from Pennsylvania

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Share your details on your health history, and arrange a virtual appointment with our board-certified healthcare professionals.

Consult Your Clinician

Consult with our certified doctors to discuss your evaluation and create a personalized plan for your weight loss journey.

Personalized Prescription

After your consultation with our doctor, you will be prescribed suitable GLP-1 medications (Semaglutide or Tirzepatide), delivered to your doorstep within 7 days.

Witness the Transformation Unfold

We’re talking about spectacular changes that mere mortals have achieved with the Weightox Rx magic. Will you join this league of legends, and add your story to this epic gallery?

Weightox Rx offers Semaglutide as the best solution for weight loss
View the before and after results of Semaglutide usage at Weightox Rx.
Discover the authentic results of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide usage at Weightox Rx.

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Transform Your Life With Weightox Rx

Our Semaglutide NAD+ formula is meticulously crafted to boost your metabolism, control your appetite, and support healthy, sustainable weight loss.


Crush your weight loss goals with the power of Semaglutide


Unleash lasting energy and revitalize metabolism with our NAD+ formula

Long Lasting

Achieve long lasting weight loss success with Weightox Rx


Trim your budget, not your goals! Affordable weight loss medication

Your Path to Sustainable Weight Loss

Embark on a journey to achieve lasting weight loss success

Semaglutide powered

We’re talking about Semaglutide, a game-changing drug that’s the secret sauce to help you lose and manage your weight. Fuel it with NAD+ technology to boost your metabolism.

Sustainable results

It’s not just a temporary fix. The Weightox Rx Plan is here to kick mediocrity to the curb and transform you into the powerhouse you were always meant to be – and to keep it that way.

Personalized plans

We’re ditching the cookie-cutter approach and putting you in touch with a Physician to prescribe you a Plan that’s exclusive to you. You’re not following the crowd – you’re leading your own fabulous parade.

Expert guidance

Talk to an MD on our panel and make sure this is the path for you. Every plan is prescribed by a physician and supplied by authorized Pharmacies – all from this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Weightox, and how does it work to help with weight loss?2024-01-10T16:34:02+05:00

Weightox is a Telehealth Weight Loss Clinic that has compunded Semaglutide and Tirzepatide.

Is Weightox safe to use, and is it FDA-approved?2024-06-14T16:48:48+05:00

Weightox is a compounded weight loss product containing semaglutide/tirzepatide and is not FDA-approved. However, Semaglutide itself is approved by FDA.

How soon can I expect to see results when using Weightox?2024-01-10T16:34:43+05:00

The timeline for seeing results with Weightox can vary, but individuals may start noticing effects on weight reduction within a few days to weeks.

Are there any potential side effects or precautions associated with Weightox?2023-12-19T16:57:05+05:00

Weightox, containing semaglutide, may lead to mild side effects like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain. While these side effects can improve over time.

Is there a recommended duration for using Weightox, or can it be used long-term?2023-12-19T16:57:38+05:00

The recommended duration for using Weightox or its long-term usage isn’t specified. Healthcare providers can offer guidance on the appropriate duration or potential long-term usage based on individual health needs and goals.

Is Weightox suitable for individuals of all ages, or are there age restrictions?2023-12-19T16:57:34+05:00

Weightox, being a product containing semaglutide, might have age-related considerations. Determining suitability for all ages or any age restrictions should be discussed with a healthcare provider for personalized advice and guidance.

Is there a money-back guarantee or return policy if I’m not satisfied with Weightox?2023-12-19T16:57:22+05:00

Weightox’s refund policy allows for refunds in certain circumstances such as technical issues or appointment cancellations within specific timeframes. Completed consultations typically do not qualify, but exceptions might be considered.

Do I need to follow a specific diet or exercise plan while using Weightox?2023-12-19T16:57:14+05:00

When using Weightox following a healthy diet and exercise plan often complements the effects. However, specific guidance regarding diet and exercise while using Weightox might be provided by healthcare professionals.

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